Undoubtedly, the ride for Matthew Storman, the owner of RomUniverse, and his firm has been not less than a rollercoaster ride. Initially, in 2019, Nintendo began an all-out conflict on the ROM sites where any player could easily find ROMs of classic Nintendo games on the websites.

There came a time when the firm had all its eyes on RomUniverse, the owner, Storman, tried to crowdsource a legal defense that failed and led him to the court, where he said it was the first sale doctrine that permitted him to do this. Ultimately, RomUniverse lost in the court with a fine of $2.1 million that the firm could pay with installments. Unfortunately, he even failed to pay the fine.

All of this lead Nintendo to requesting the court to grant them a permanent injunction on RomUniverse. Now the injunction has been given. Factually, it is nothing but an unwarned ending for the firm. According to the final order from the court of California, Matthew Storman, the owner of RomUniverse, has to keep the site offline permanently. Moreover, it has to destroy all the illegal Nintendo ROMs. As per TorrentFreaks’ report, the owner has been given until August 17 to abide by the order.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, the ROM cat is out of the bag. It’s trivial to grab ROMs online these days and there are plenty of sites that feature hundreds of ROMs. My favorite product of the year, the Dream Arcade, is a ROM paradise that puts all of the old games in an amazingly fun package. For Nintendo to tear down one dude’s site just to make a point is petty and pointless.

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