In this amazing video, programmer CuriousMarc connects his Dolch computer – look it up – to a 1930 teletype. The teletype uses a pseudo-5-bit system to print text onto a roll paper and it runs at 45 baud… slow enough to drive you crazy.

I love these experiments in ancient tech and the way he gets things thing to work, including programming an Arduino board in real C as opposed to Arduino’s own scripting language, are amazing. I love thinking about the old hackers clacking away at these things and, as Marc points out, this was what the original Unix programmers had to deal with on a daily basis.

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By John Biggs

John Biggs is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and maker. He spent fifteen years as an editor for Gizmodo, CrunchGear, and TechCrunch and has a deep background in hardware startups, 3D printing, and blockchain. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, Wired, and the New York Times.