Clean out yer ears with this $29 endoscope

Clean out yer ears with this $29 endoscope

I have always wanted to have my ears professionally cleaned. There are those dudes in Chengdu, China, who will totally get in there with picks and stuff but I’ve never been and I doubt I’ll get over there any time soon. So what am I to do?

How about pick up this $29 endoscope.

The endoscope connects to your phone and features a little camera and a loop. You stick the camera into your ear, turn on the light, and poke around in your earholes for wax, beans, and other detritus.

These little cameras are pretty standard but the kit comes with three ear picks and apparently you can see enough to really dig deep into the inner recesses of your head. Obviously don’t go too deep and stop when you feel pressure, but just imagine the waxy gold you can pull out.

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