Have you ever wanted to buy a device with the sole purpose of peeing on it? Well that’s a pretty unorthodox want, but Withings has got you covered regardless with their U-Scan Disc.

Just last week, Withings introduced the U-Scan, a device that sits inside a toilet bowl and analyzes urine. The device works by collecting a sample of urine in a test chamber, where a cartridge analyzes its contents. Withings is launching the U-Scan with three cartridges available: one for tracking menstrual cycles, one for general health markers such as fluid balance, vitamin balance, and protein-vegetable balance, and one for professionals conducting medical studies. Each cartridge is good for 3 months of testing, so refills will be necessary.

The device also includes a temperature sensor to distinguish between urine and water, as well as a radar sensor to detect the velocity and distance of the urine stream. In addition to analyzing urine, the accompanying Withings app provides recommendations for improving diet, fluid intake, and other general nutrition suggestions.

The U-Scan is set to be initially released in Europe, and later come to the US, with a price of $500 for the device itself and $90 for each replacement cartridge, although replacement cartridges are also available under a $30 a month, once per 3 month automatic refill subscription service. .

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