The Turing Tumble – a marble-powered computer game

Yes, that’s right – a marble-powered computer game. But not in the sense that you’re thinking, whatsoever. At first glance, the Turing Tumble looks like one of those marble maze things that kids love to play with. Ok, I really like playing around with them too, I’ll admit it. But what if kids could learn the logic concepts behind computing? That’s what the Turing Tumble is setting out to do.


Watch this LEGO Droid orchestra play the Star Wars Theme

If you watch one video of a bunch of droids playing the Star Wars Theme, please make it this one. Created by conductor Sam Battle, the entire orchestra consists of 46 R2-D2s, 26 mouse droids, and 23 gonk droids – among others – and features real instruments.

Battle, who spent 3,000 on the Star Wars project, previously created a screaming Furby organ.

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