Philips Hue brings back ambient light to your TV

Years ago, Philips made TVs with a feature called “ambilight”. Ambilight was a series of LEDS on the back of the TV running around the edge. They turned on the LED color to match whatever picture was displayed on screen at the edges. This extended the hues of the picture onto the wall. Now, Philips have brought it back, using Hue lightbulbs and the new Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.


Direct TV Now is now AT&T TV Now

In what amounts to a further bundling of data and entertainment, Direct TV Now will now be called AT&T TV Now. The companies began their merger in 2014.

The company reported the news in a press release.

What this means in practice isn’t much – if you use Direct TV Now, DTV’s streaming app, you will now be using AT&T Now. However, as The Verge notes, the two companies have competing streaming services and there is no confirmation whether AT&T steaming users will have DTV’s content and vice versa.

The Verge notes:

  • DirecTV Now is being rebranded to AT&T TV Now
  • AT&T TV, a separate streaming TV service, is coming soon
  • A single app called AT&T TV will be how users access both services

The bottom line? You’ll be seeing more AT&T and less Direct TV. I doubt anyone will be particularly upset by this barring DTV fanbois.

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