Master & Dynamic’s MW07 earbuds are surprisingly good

I like to be surprised. When I first used the Sony WH-1000XM3 I was pleasantly surprised to the point of replacement, deciding that Bose would no longer get my money. Now Master & Dynamic, a higher end audio manufacturer, might be prying the AirPods out of my oddly-shaped skull.


Can Microsoft deliver where Google failed?

Remember Pixel buds? Google had this plan to sell earbuds that worked with Android to do real-time translation and Google Assistant. Reviews weren’t great. They had problems pairing, problems charging, and generally didn’t add to the experience, the way Siri via Apple AirPods seems to. Can Microsoft get wireless headphones right?


This self-driving garbage can will take itself out

Worried about leaving your leavings in the back yard? SmartCan has your back.

Created by Andrew Murray, the robot will drag itself out to the curb on trash day. It currently uses a sensor system to help the robot position itself on the curb. Interestingly, the system connects to almost any municipal trash can and is self charging via a dock.


You won’t know you want the Jackery portable power station until you need it

Devices like Jackery’s portable power station – essentially a big battery that lets you charge USB and mains-powered devices – are seemingly only useful in an emergency. After all, who needs a heavy battery that can last a few hours on a charge unless you’re in the middle of a hurricane.


Daytripper automatically hides your naughtiness when your boss walks by

If you’re anything like me you like to shirk, dilly-dally, and dawdle. But figures of authority like bosses, parents, and teachers are always asking you to focus! How better to thwart their vile ends than with a little box that hides your gaming as soon as they walk by.

This DIY project, called Daytripper, consists of a little sensor and a receiver. When someone walks by the sensor it sends a signal to your computer to hide all your windows or even shut down your computer. This means you can be browsing shopping sites and you’ll immediately be warned when someone who pays your bills walks by.

The kit is simple enough to build by hand but you can also purchase a ready-made kit on Tindie for $59. Some specs:

  • Can detect motion within 120cm (4 ft).
  • Has 5Hz scan rate, works best indoors.
  • Works out-of-box with Windows, compatible with all major OSs.
  • Has a 40-hour battery life, rechargeable via USB-C.
  • Has a 100 meter (330 ft) communication range between TX and RX, open-air.
  • Comes with a magnetic mounting kit.

Given the fact the Man is always trying to steal your time this might be the best solution for stealing it back.

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