Deal Alert: Urbanista Paris wireless earbuds

Hey! Are you looking to get the mom in your life some wireless earbuds? If so, then we’ve got news of a deal on the Urbanista Paris true wireless earbuds that you may want to check out.


Black Friday Deals: Eufy

Eufy is a sister brand to Anker, and we’re fans of a lot of what they produce (say, such as this video doorbell). Well, they’ve got a wide range of stuff they make – robotic vacuums, scales, cameras, and the like. Right now, you can net up to 33% off their stuff over on Amazon:


Black Friday Deals: Pelican

You know Pelican, purveyors of all manner of stuff to protect your gear (as we covered here, here, and here). Well, they’ve also been making coolers (I bought one a few months back and it’s a good one). They just released a new 14 QT cooler (pictured above) and it’s going for $99.95 – and 1 lb cooler blocks are just a buck. Check out all their deals over at


Black Friday Deals: Coalatree

Coalatree is a brand we’ve spent some good time with, and we like their unique mix of outdoors-oriented and eco-friendly clothing. Right now, they’ve got free shipping on orders over $50, and orders over $100 will get a free double hammock (while they’ve got supplies). And, of course, prices are discounted across the line as well. Check it out at


Black Friday Deals: Lems Shoes

I’ve been a fan of the boots from Lems for quite some time – in fact, I picked up a lovely waterproof pair of Boulder boots earlier this year. They’re seriously the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had, and are usually my first choice. If you want to check them out – at a 25% discount (for all but their waterproof and Mid Leather Boulder boots), head on over to


Black Friday Deals: Polar

We’ll bring you the interesting Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals as we run across them – here’s the first! As you know, we like Polar watches for tracking activity. Right now, you can pick up the Polar Vantage M (my current daily trainer) for just $168 (40% off) with two more deals dropping, one on November 26 and another on November 29. Check them out at

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