Hey, so do you remember back when we reviewed the Nocs binoculars. We found those to be great compact binoculars, and even used them as an ad-hoc zoom lens for some smarthphone photography. At the time we were writing about the binoculars, we saw that there had been an adapter to help keep things stable for that purpose, but it was out of stock. Well, happy days, the Nocs Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is back in stock.

At it’s core, the Nocs Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is an elegantly simple solution that gets your phone’s camera aligned with the eyepiece on your binoculars, and then keeps it there. If you did it like I did, you’re trying to keep two hands steady, and, well, your results will vary. With this, things are locked in place.

The whole of the Nocs Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is made of lightweight aluminum, and should fit on a variety of binoculars and phones. Sure, it’s going to work perfectly on Nocs optics, but it should work on any binoculars with eyecups between 24 and 46mm (where you clamp the adapter on), and fit phones that are between 62 and 104mm wide. It’s a clever solution, and if you find yourself trying to get quick photos of stuff far away while you’re hiking, the compact and portable adapter ($27) is a great addition to your kit in our book. nocsprovisions.com


  • Takes Photos and Videos
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Fits All Binoculars and Monoculars
  • Fits Most Smartphones


Aligns the phone lens with the binocular lens for photos and for videos. Reinforced cast aluminum frame keeps a tight grip on the binoculars, while spring loaded phone clamp, also of aluminum, holds the smartphone tight. Eyecup width between 24-46mm, which covers the spectrum of optics. Phone widths between 62-104mm will fit (iPhone 5 sans case is too narrow). Folds down to a small size that easily fits in pocket.

By Patrick Kansa

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