Atoms are the Allbirds beaters of 2020

Atoms are the Allbirds beaters of 2020

As a shoe addict I’m always on the lookout for a good everyday shoe. I might have stumbled upon a pair that’s just right.

Atoms – available at – feature simple styling and half-sizing for hard-to-fit feet. They come in grey, black, and two-tone and feature copper yarn insoles.

From the site:

We started Atoms with the simple desire to make a shoe you would want to wear everyday. Our journey began by asking a lot of questions: Why do shoes only come in whole and half sizes? Why do shoelaces keep coming untied? Why do shoes become less comfortable over time?

They cost $129 and, sadly, they’re out of their crazy of highlighter-yellow kicks.

Given the proliferation of online shoe companies these days we won’t know if these are any good until we try them but they definitely look like they could replace my ratty Allbirds.

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