When I first saw this video I thought this was all CGI. It shows Boston Dynamics’ Atlas jumping from box to box and doing moves that I doubt, in my 46-year-old corpus, could pull off without spraining something. Yet there it is, popping around like a James Bond villain on the rooftops of Barcelona.

From BD:

Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities. Through jumps, balance beams, and vaults, we demonstrate how we push Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.

The team was kind enough to share some behind-the-scenes footage of the robot. It’s incredible that this thing is completely untethered now where only a few years ago Atlas was attached to a frame and cable to keep it from falling.

By John Biggs

John Biggs is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and maker. He spent fifteen years as an editor for Gizmodo, CrunchGear, and TechCrunch and has a deep background in hardware startups, 3D printing, and blockchain. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, Wired, and the New York Times.

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