Have you ever wished that you could play a game of scrabble by tapping your coffee table? On the off chance that you have dreamed about playing all of your favorite board games without a physical board in sight, you’ll be excited to hear that thanks to Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table, this dream is now a possibility. However, is this tablet-table worth the $649 it asks for?

Wifi Enabled

The Infinity Game Table is a novel device which mixes decoration and functionality seemingly seamlessly. With a plain black tablet-like surface in the middle, and thick black bezels surrounding it, the Game Table allows you to use it as both a conversation piece, a table, or both at the same time. And thanks to its Impact/Water-resistant properties, you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining your $650 table by spilling your morning joe.

Water Resistant

In terms of functionality, the Infinity Game Table comes with 50 free digital games, and 12 paid games that cost anywhere from 3-10$ each. These include classics like Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, and Sorry, as well as more unorthodox ones like Fling Hockey and Infinity Chicken Wrangle.

I’m starting to see the appeal of Infinity Chicken Wrangle

Whether this oversized tablet is worth its cost is debatable at best, but if you have been itching to play Dots and Boxes on a 24″ or 32″ screen within a table, this product might just be for you.

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