Apple has been producing TV shows, like the Emmy-winning The Morning Show, or my personal favorite, Ted Lasso, and distributing them on the AppleTV app on, well, AppleTV devices, iOS devices, and major brand smart TVs. Now, it’s coming to Google’s lastest version of the Chromecast. Why should you care?

What is a Chromecast?

Chromecast in its latest iteration is a media streamer for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more. In the past, it had no remote, and you’d have to use the individual applications on your phone to start the video playing and then stream to it.

It turns out, people like having a remote control. They work immediately. You don’t have to launch an app to use them. And the buttons are always in the same place. You can operate a well-designed remote control by feel in the dark (imagine a side-eyed glance at AppleTV’s remote control here.)

The current Chromecast with Google TV retails for $49.99.

What?s AppleTV+ on Chromecast do?

Two things, actually. First, you can watch all the content like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and more. Two, AppleTV+ content will populate in Chromecast?s TV Watchlist.

Interestingly, just as Netflix doesn?t allow itself to be shown in the AppleTV app on AppleTV hardware, or indexed by Siri, Netflix doesn?t allow itself to be displayed in Chromecast?s TV Watchlist.

The AppleTV app on Chromecast will allow you to watch AppleTV+ content (man, I love that Ted Lasso show) and subscriptions to other channels like HBOMax, Disney+, and others.)

That seems like a lot of AppleTV. What?s an app, and what?s hardware?

First, there was AppleTV, the hardware device. The first version debuted in 2007, introduced alongside the first iPhone.

Then there was the AppleTV app, which acts a lot like Chromecast?s TV Watchlist, indexing shows you?re watching, so you don?t have to fight with Hulu?s shitty interface.

Then Apple launched AppleTV+, with 30 shows currently. 15 of them are better than HBO. And, also, they allow subscribing for HBO, Showtime, Epix, Starz, and more through the app.

In conclusion, the app, TV Watchlist integration, the AppleTV+ content, are all coming to Google Chromecast. If you like a $49.99 streamer and Apple?s content, this is for you.

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