Amplifi make three easy to use mesh Wi-Fi router systems. Besides focusing on hardware, they’ve always endeavored to make them easy to manage. Today, that means adding a VPN service.

Amplifi sell Wi-Fi a few ways. The Amplifier HD mesh router system comes with a cube and two mesh points. A gamer’s edition of the same system adds QoS for NVIDIA’s GeForceNOW.

The Gamer’s edition lets you select latency or throughput priority. The Amplifi Instant Wi-Fi product is more like the original Amplifi HD cube, but with nodes that have slightly fewer antennae, but are otherwise the same method to configure.

In the past, Amplifi made a version of the Amplifi HD cube paired with a small travel Wi-Fi access point. The system was called Amplifi Teleport, and allowed you to travel and have a VPN back to your home router. In my experience, this was great when it worked, but was hard to configure.

Amplifi’s newly announced Teleport app solves this: a simple download on your phone allows your phone to VPN back to your home network. Basically, if you trust your home network, but don’t trust the free Wi-Fi when you travel, this is for you.

The short version is, if you have one of Amplifi’s three routers running your home Wi-Fi, all you have to do is download the Amplifi Teleport app, and you’ll have a secure VPN back to your home service.

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