Amazon’s Kindle Scribe update: Amazon has recently released a new update for its Kindle Scribe, which includes support for direct on-page writing. This feature allows users to write directly on the page of their Kindle book, making it easier to take notes and highlight important passages.

Amazon’s Kindle Scribe: Select Books

Don’t get too excited, however. The update will only support certain books:

Exclusive to Kindle Scribe, a new selection of books and titles that support direct on-page writing, including guided journals and word games like crosswords and sudokus. These new content options are available for purchase on Amazon, and in the Kindle Store on your Kindle Scribe device—just look for “Write-on Books” in the store or “On-page writing” listed as a supported feature under Product Details section of the e-book you wish to purchase.

Obviously, this feature is particularly useful for students and professionals who need to take notes while reading. Instead of having to switch back and forth between their notes and the book, they can now write directly on the page and keep everything in one place. In addition to the direct on-page writing feature, the new update also includes several other improvements.

Be sure to watch the video version of the Amazon’s Kindle Scribe post:

For example, users can now customize the font size and style of their notes, making it easier to read and organize them. They can also choose from a variety of different colors for their notes, making it easier to differentiate between different types of information. Overall, the new update for the Kindle Scribe is a welcome addition for anyone who uses their e-reader for note-taking and studying. 

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