Yes, after a hiatus of sorts, the beer break is back! Though, this one is a bit different, as we’re talking about a beer that isn’t quite available yet. Read on to see what the Rogue Pineapple Party Punch will do for your tastebuds in October.

Yes, October – while many folks will be thinking pumpkin pie flavors (and I do have my favorites in that arena), there’s still plenty of room for other flavors, right? And sure, these flavors here (pineapple? punch?) sound more like summer, but this year is all upside down, so why not mix up those seasonal flavors? Here’s what the brand has to say about it:

?Bursting with pineapple, coconut, and bright hop flavors, this imperial hazy IPA is reminiscent of our favorite tropical drink, the Pi?a Colada,? says Hagen Moore, VP of Marketing and Creative. ?Summer may be ending, but this hazy, flavorful brew will help you keep the summer vibes going all year long. Pineapple Party Punch is just what we need to finish out 2020.?

I’ve had some mixed experiences with coconut (I’ve found them to be a great addition to sour beers), and pineapple tends to be a more muted note in the beers I’ve tried that have it. This combo here, all wrapped up in a hazy IPA, well, that sounds like one that might just work. Keep an eye out for it this fall, and check out the details over at

PRODUCT FACTS: Pineapple Party Punch 

  • Style: Hazy IPA with Pineapple & Toasted Coconut ?
  • ABV: 8.4%
  • IBU: 40
  • Packaging: 4-pack 16-ounce cans, draft ?
  • Availability: October?

By Patrick Kansa

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