What in the world – two weeks in a row of the Afternoon Beer Break? Well, at the risk of something approaching continuity, that’s what we’re doing. While I’m all for strong and forward flavors in a beer, I know not everyone is rowing that particular boat. If that’s you, and you tend to prefer the flavors in a cocktail, there are options out there as well. In this case, it’s the Left Hand Brewing Moscow Mule.

As you can easily guess, the Left Hand Brewing Moscow Mule is pulling inspiration from the Moscow Mule mixed drink (you know, the one that tends to be served in a copper mug). While you won’t find any vodka in this drink, you do have notes of ginger and lime, which are par for the course for the ol’ Mule. And no, no copper mug, but the color of the beer in the glass is approximating it, so we’ve got that going for us.

Once you’ve poured the Left Hand Brewing Moscow Mule into a glass, you won’t pick up much in terms of a nose. I got a little bit of a mild ginger, but otherwise not much else. Again, perhaps good for those coming at this one as not being super into beer. The first sip, that ginger comes through again. For the lime, though, I didn’t get that at first. After it had been in the glass for a bit, though, then it started to come through. So, it needs a little bit of time to “open up”.

Past that, the Left Hand Brewing Moscow Mule is very much a mild and smooth beer. While it is labelled as a pale ale, it’s not one that punches you in the mouth with bitterness, and at 5.5% ABV, it’s going to keep that smoothness rolling. For me, I thought that the Left Hand Brewing Moscow Mule was so-so. It was fine as a beer goes, but not necessarily a flavor I’d opt for in my barley pop. All taste buds are different though, so if it sounds interesting, keep an eye out for it. lefthandbrewing.com

Details from Left Hand Brewing

STYLEPale Ale with Ginger & Lime Juice Added
GLASSPub Glass
MALT2-Row, CaraFoam, Rolled Oats, Flaked Barley
HOPSLemondrop, CTZ
OTHERGinger, Lime Juice

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