A $79 mechanical keyboard? Why not

A $79 mechanical keyboard? Why not


There are keyboards and then there are mechanical keyboards. Mechanicals are clacky monstrosities that sound like jet planes taking off in Zoom calls and they make you seem like a real hacker. So when you can grab one for $79 why not jump at the chance?

These things are getting cheaper and cheaper and the best part is you can easily upgrade it by swapping out the keys with more responsive or even louder keycaps and switches. In general, it’s quite a fun little bit of tech.

The oddly-named Vissles Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard uses Gateron Red switches, allows for macro creation, and is LED backlit. It works with Macs and Windows. It has 84 keys but is ten key-less which means there is no numeric keypad on the right side.

It’s $79 now with a 3% discount available on Amazon.